About the School:

Founded in 1946, Los Gatos Parent Nursery School (LGPNS) is a non profit, parent cooperative preschool.

With a beautiful, fully owned facility, the school provides a fun and nurturing educational experience for children ages 2-5 and an opportunity for parents to play an active role in their child’s education.

We offer a developmentally oriented preschool experience in which children learn through play. Children develop in an atmosphere of encouragement and support where they are free to explore and discover. We emphasize socialization and free choice of activities. The daily schedule affords exposure to large and small group activities as well as self-directed project participation and free play.

LGPNS provides a rich experience for children and their parents to share, and a wonderful first step in the lifelong process of learning. As part of the Adult Education Division of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint High School District and Los Gatos/Saratoga Community Department of Education and Recreation parents are involved in all aspects of the school, from helping in the classroom and attending adult education night meetings, to running day-to-day school operations and maintaining the facility. A Board of Directors comprised of parents oversees all school operations, and credentialed teachers guide both the children’s classroom experience and the adult education program.

Piaget’s Philosophy:

Jean PiagetThe school’s philosophy is based on the work of Jean Piaget (1896-1980), a Swiss born biologist turned psychologist. His theory states that a child builds mental “maps” for understanding and responding to physical experiences within his or her environment. The pre-operational stage, ages 2-7, is our focus group. In brief, the pre-operational child’s learning opportunities increase when they are able to experience things for themselves. This is how they learn about the world around them. Children 2-7 years old need to touch, taste, test and try it (again and again and again) to begin to understand it.

School History:

Los Gatos Parent Nursery School opened on May 6th, 1946 in a back yard on Glenridge Avenue in Los Gatos with a few bags of sand and a large barrel donated by the Eatmore Ice Cream Company for the play yard. The founding parents wished to establish a cooperative preschool providing a nurturing, safe environment for children and their parents to learn and grow. The idea caught on quickly and they soon outgrew this location. After many months of fundraising they purchased the property at 15 Lyndon Avenue. The first classes were held on November 3, 1947. Since that day in November the physical property has gone through many improvements, including rebuilding after a fire in October 1967 and three complete playground overhauls.

While the school has undergone many physical changes it has stayed true to the founding families’ principles. We continue to provide a play-based curriculum for preschool age children and parent education classes with the goal of building a strong community that values parent involvement in early education.

School Association:

Los Gatos Parent Nursery School is a cooperative parent participation preschool that is run under the auspices of Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation.

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