Typical School Day

http://www.gcarolei.com/3396-dtit92273-una-ragazza-cerca-un-paio-di-guanti-nel-cassetto.html Every day at LGPNS is filled with a variety of activities designed to assist children’s natural social, motor and cognitive development. The curriculum includes large group activities (circle and sharing times), small group activities (snack and story times) as well as individually-directed activities (free choice and free play times).

Circle Time

Circle Time Teacher leads the whole class with stories, songs, movement, and finger play, and other group activities. Children learn about listening, taking turns and large group dynamics.

Free Choice

Free ChoiceChildren may choose between three or four activities prepared by the teacher and working parents, but are encouraged to attempt each activity. Activities may include art projects, science experiments, snack preparation, crafts, and so on. Free choice activities are designed to encourage use of small motor skills, focus, exploration and experimentation.

First Free Play Time

Free PlayChildren explore, discover and play, indoors or outdoors, under the supervision of the teacher and the working parents. Activities or points of interest are often brought out by working parents or the teacher, such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, gardening, texture table, and more.

Snack Time

Snack TimeGroups of 5-6 children gather with working parents at snack tables to share a snack and a small group activity. This part of the day often facilitates small group dialogue amongst children and offers a great opportunity for practicing good manners!


SharingThe 4-day afternoon PM Class participates in “sharing” each day. Sharing is carried out as a guessing game in which children are given the opportunity to deduce the identity of the item being shared based upon clues given by the sharer. This is a fun, large group activity that exercises descriptive and deductive reasoning skills, and helps introduce classroom skills like raising hands and respectful, active listening.

Second Free Play Time

Free Play

Children have the chance to return outside to play on the castle, ride bikes or play in the sandbox. The parents and teachers help the children work out problems and assist in finding fun and interesting activities, inside and outside. 

Story Time

Story TimeDuring story time, groups of 5-6 children gather with a working parent who reads stories from the school’s vast children’s library. It is a great way to close the day, calming the children down and coming back to small groups.